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Gita Dyer



Gita Dyer was born on an organic farm near Frankfurt, Germany and received her primary and secondary education at the Waldorf School there. In 1969 she enrolled at the Zeichenakademie Hanau (a school for metal work and art), graduating in July 1972 as a journeyman goldsmith. The following year she took additional courses in stone setting, metal chasing, and enameling at the same school.

In her first journeyman year (May 1973 to July 1974) she worked in the studio of Werner Lorentz in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. Her second journeyman year (September 1974 to August 1975) was spent in the goldsmith shop of Reiner Model in Stuttgart, Germany.

The next year she returned to the Zeichenakademie Hanau for the Goldsmith Master class graduating in July 1977 as Designer and Master Goldsmith.

Since 1978 she and her husband Richard have lived in Hillsdale, New York in the house they built themselves. Her studio is there at home. She loves the delicate contrast of gold and silver in the same piece, and incorporates this in many of her designs, along with combining precious cut stones with ordinary stones and sea shells.

Come see the work of Gita Dyer and many other fine artist/craftsmen at R. W. Wise. Our gallery/workshop has been located in Lenox for 30 years. We pride ourselves on being the Berkshires premier jewelers, gemologists and designer goldsmiths. We are open daily in summer and Tuesday Through Saturday the rest of the year round.

Pieces By Gita Dyer
Sterling & 14K Ring with Cabochon Ruby
14K Earrings with Moonstones & Sapphires
14K Earrings with Pink Tourmalines & Sapphires
Sterling & 14K Ring with White Sapphire
Pure Silver Roman Chain Necklace with accents of 14k & Pink Tourmaline
Sterling & 18K Ring with Tourmaline
14K & Sterling Earrings with Mother of Pearl & Citrine