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Erich Zimmermann



His love for gemstones and his enthusiasm for the multitude of design options that precious metals offer are the sources from which the German gold- and silversmith Erich Zimmermann draws his inspiration. It is by consistently examining forms and materials that he develops his jewelry collections.

The plastic shapes of the Cocoon series go back to Zimmermann's roots in the silversmith's craft, while his Cleopatra collars have become modern classics that harmoniously unite the gemstones' radiant color with the archaic sheen of gold.

The design quality of Zimmermann's creations has not only been acknowledged by awards and prizes but also by museum purchases and teaching assignments on an international scale.

Come see the work of Erich Zimmerman and many other fine artist/craftsmen at R. W. Wise. Our gallery/workshop has been located in Lenox for 30 years. We pride ourselves on being the Berkshires premier jewelers, gemologists and designer goldsmiths. We are open daily in summer and Tuesday Through Saturday the rest of the year round.

Pieces By Erich Zimmermann
18K Slim Cleopatra Collar Necklace with Onyx