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Zoltan David



If anyone wonders why Zoltan David is a legend in the jewelry industry, a quick study of his artistry will certainly explain it.

Zoltan is technically involved with every piece he creates. Whether it is guiding his staff in execution or designing the next great bracelet with an innovative clasp, no detail is neglected.

A leading designer and innovator in the jewelry industry, Zoltan David has produced a constant flow of creative, beautiful and original work, crafted to perfection. His imagination and technical skills are in a class of their own.

We have followed Zoltan David's career for years, and after our first meeting we knew he was the artist with the sensitivity needed to work with some of our finest gems.

Come see the work of Zoltan David and many other fine artist/craftsmen at R. W. Wise. Our gallery/workshop has been located in Lenox for 30 years. We pride ourselves on being the Berkshires premier jewelers, gemologists and designer goldsmiths. We are open daily in summer and Tuesday Through Saturday the rest of the year round.

Pieces By Zoltan David
Platinum/18-22K Inlay Ring with Ruby & Diamonds
Platinum / 22K Ring with 1.53 carat Pink Sapphire
Platinum, 18K, 22K Triangle Pillow Pendant with Rubies & Diamonds
Platinum, 22k Blue Sapphire Ring