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Roman Frak



Roman Frak was born in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine in 1960. From 1975 - 1979 he studied at the Arts Industrial College with the a major in Artistic Design in Industry. After graduation he worked with the Ukrainian Artistic Foundation, the Kiev Artists Association and the Monumental Decorative Art Company as an Executor-Artist. In their employ, he produced a number of decorative exterior house compositions in copper, brass and aluminum. He also created carved wooden interior and exterior decoration for hotels, halls and clubs. From 1987 - 1990, during the period of Soviet dissolution, he was an Interior Artist-Decorator, working on ceilings, floors, walls and fireplaces.

Throughout his entire professional career in Ukraine he worked actively and independently as a jeweler, which was and remains his real passion. Mr. Frak immigrated to the United States in 1993 and worked in New York as a jeweler for several firms. As such, he prefers working with precious metals. Roman Frak is currently working on a series of bracelets, buckles and goblets with animal (domestic and wild) themes. The challenge, he says, is to reach a specific effect, especially with silver, replicating the texture of skin (as in snake or iguana) fur (bear), shell and wood.

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Pieces By Roman Frak
Sterling Bassett Hound Pendant
Sterling Frog Ring