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Tom & Jutta Munsteiner



Born in 1969, son Tom learned to cut and polish gems literally on the knee of his father and grandfather. A fourth generation gem cutter, Tom Munsteiner first learned the skills which he would need to successfully cut and polish gems into the classical faceted cuts before learning the special incisions required for the geometric cuts that his father pioneered. Tom Munsteiner has taken his skills on a path towards his own style, however, and has earned a reputation as a master gem cutter in his own right.

Jutta's designs epitomize the motto "from having to being." Today, women prefer to wear jewelry to show who they are rather than what they have. Therefore, the design of the jewelry, rather than the value of its gems and metal, has taken on much greater importance.

Come see the work of Tom and Jutta and many other fine artist/craftsmen at R. W. Wise. Our gallery/workshop has been located in Lenox for 30 years. We pride ourselves on being the Berkshires premier jewelers, gemologists and designer goldsmiths. We are open daily in summer and Tuesday Through Saturday the rest of the year round.

Pieces By Tom & Jutta Munsteiner
18K Sculptural Necklace w/ Green Tourmaline
18k Gold & Agate Brooch
18k Green Gold Nephrite Jade Ring