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Laurie Donovan



In 1978, Laurie Donovan received her BFA from U Mass, Dartmouth in Visual Design specializing in graphic arts and jewelry making. Laurie has been designing and hand fabricating fine jewelry for over 25 years. She is a recipient of the prestigious Spectrum Design Award given by the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) annually for excellence in the use of colored gemstones, superb design and

Laurie's jewelry is created from high karat gold. She specializes in unique one of kind pieces. Her jewelry is completely hand made. Each piece is durably constructed, exquisitely finished, made to be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime. Laurie's work has been featured in numerous publications and is on display in several galleries throughout the country. She lives with her two children, enjoys biking, dancing, and gardening.

Come see the work of Laurie Donovan and many other fine artist/craftsmen at R. W. Wise. Our gallery/workshop has been located in Lenox for 30 years. We pride ourselves on being the Berkshires premier jewelers, gemologists and designer goldsmiths. We are open daily in summer and Tuesday Through Saturday the rest of the year round.

Pieces By Laurie Donovan
18K Pendant w/Rutilated Quartz Cabochon
Yellow Sapphire Rondelle Bracelet w/18K Clasp w/Heliodor & Diamonds
18K Forged Wire Choker
18K Forged Wire Earrings w/Amethyst & Spessartite Briolettes
18K Wedding Set w/Honey Zircon
18K Floral Applique Drop Earrings w/Diamonds
18K Forged Wire Earrings w/Aquamarine Briolettes
18K Forged Wire Earrings w/Peridot Briolettes
18K Wishbone Earrings w/Garnet Briolettes
18K Hand Forged Linked Chain w/Mokume 22K, Sterling Setting for FW Pearl
18K '3 in 1' Earrings w/Aquamarine & Champagne Zircon
18K Reticulated Pin/Pendant w/Channel Set Diamonds & Sapphire Briolettes
Necklace of Sapphire Briolettes Suspending an 18K Pendant w/Spessartite Garnets
Sterling Silver Hand Forged Mobile Earrings w/Bronze Pearls
18K Drop Earrings with Red Tourmalines
18K Mint Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds
18K Rubelite Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds
18K Peridot & Pearl Earrings
18K Green Tourmaline Earrings with Diamonds
18K Boulder Opal Pendant with Diamonds
18K Pendant with Heliodor (Yellow Beryl) & Channel Set Diamonds
18K Large Double Hoop Earrings
18K & Reticulated Silver Earring Jacket
18K Chrome Tourmaline Trillion Earrings
18K & Sterling Silver Sandfinish Earring Jackets
18K Handmade Floral Pendant w/White Freshwater Pearl
18K & Sterling Silver Jackets
18K Ladies Foliate Scroll Band with Sapphire & Diamonds
Platinum Floral Band with Ruby
18K Man's Foliate Scroll Band with Oxidized Back
14K Oval Flower Pendant with Rubelite Tourmaline
18K Earrings with Sapphires & Diamonds
18K Pendant with Tanzanite & Paraiba Tourmaline
18K Pendant with Amber & Malaya Garnet
18K Pendant with Round Brilliant Honey Zircon
18K Hand Forged Necklace with Honey Zircons
18K Earrings with Golden Topaz
18K Earrings with Chrome Tourmaline & Pearl Drops
18K Floral Applique Band Ring with Chrome Tourmaline & Diamonds
18K Ring with Chrome Tourmaline & Diamonds
18K Earrings with Spessartite Garnets
18K "Mirror" Pendant with Amethyst
18K Drop Earrings with Golden Topaz
18K Wrap Ring With Round Rhodolite Garnet
18k Gold & Tourmaline Earrings
18k Zircon/Spessartite Pendant
18k Pearl Drop Earrings
18k Rose Gold & Sterling Pin/Pendant