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Buying Online

"I can't say enough how much i appreciate Richard's tolerance, understanding, and patience with me as a first time quality gem buyer. it has meant a lot to me...he has been totally available to answer questions and share knowledge."
                                                           MZ, Pricescope client

Our Guarantee:
We guarantee that our gemstones and jewelry are as described on this site.

Many types of gemstones are treated. Expensive untreated gemstones of varieties that are normally subjected to treatments are accompanied by an independent laboratory report certifying natural origin.

We purchase a number of our stones at source locations and have them cut to our specifications. These stones may or may not be accompanied by a lab report. Upon purchase, at the buyer's option, we will be pleased to submit any stone priced $2000 or more and represented as untreated for lab certification at either GIA, AGL or GRS (at our option) at no additional cost. Uncertified stones priced under $2,000 may also be certified at the buyer's cost.  For important stones, we are pleased to acquire certificates from both U. S. and European labs if the buyer prefers.

Our Return Policy:
First and foremost, we want you to be happy with your purchase. We realize that buying on line is difficult because you are looking at an image not the real thing. We have a no questions asked, 100% refund policy. We ask you to return the item within five working days. We must receive the item on the sixth day.  Credit card purchases are "authorized," not charged (see below).  So long as the item is returned in the same condition as sent we will immediately refund your full purchase price. We do not refund shipping charges.

Well, I just bought an amethyst from Richard Wise and it is freaking incredible. It:
(a) looks better than the picture on his site
(b) looks exactly how he described it over the phone
(c) was shipped promptly
(d) is literally THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AMETHYST I'VE EVER SEEN. My mom has Tiffany amethyst studs; I've seen amethysts in many of NYC's stores and in the gem collection of the AMNH...This is better than all of them."
                                 Pricescope buyer 12/21/09                                              

Clearence & Sale Items:
Sale items are returnable only if defective or not as described on the site.  Any sizings or modifications, certificats or appraisals are extra and all shipping on sale items is the responsibility of the buyer.

We ship items on approval FedEx overnight in the U.S, we provide insurance.  To facilitate returns, items may be easily returned on our account by simply calling FedEx for pickup.  Shipping instructions accompany each purchase.  Foreign shipments are sent FedEx/insured. FedEx is very efficient in handling importation and customs in countries outside the U.S.